Monday, December 12, 2011

House Renovations - Stage 1

This week starts our house renovations.  There is so much that needs to be done.  The list of things we'd like to do includes:  kitchen (complete renovation, is mostly original 1950's), main bathroom (needs new cabinet/counter and a second sink), the bonus room needs updating (adding a closet and putting in new flooring), and the siding need something to make it more aesthetically appealing (nothing wrong with it, but is very drab).

The biggest project by far will be the total overhaul of the kitchen, but the plumbing needs to be take care of first.  Our house is cute and mostly updated, except the kitchen. It is just plain ugly. It has white cabinets, white Formica-like counters with gold swirls, and some type of plastic flooring. Some of the cabinets can't open without hitting the updated appliances (I guess old appliances were smaller). For example, to open the cutlery drawer completely, I need to open the oven or the drawer will  hit the oven door after being opened 6 inches.  To fit the new fridge, they had to cut a hold in the top cabinets, the edges were left raw with visible cut marks. There is a large burn hole in one of the counters about 2 inches long and 1 centimeter deep.  

This week plumbers will be here for 3-4 days completing 3 different projects.  All the original galvanized plumbing from the 50's is being removed and replace with PEX.  The new water lines will be insulated.  Then, they are moving the washer/dryer out of the kitchen to hookup they are installing in the bonus room, and patching up the walls where they were removed from.  Lastly, the sewer pipe exiting the 2nd bathroom will be regraded (it is pitched slightly the wrong way, making the toilet difficult to flush and prone to back up).

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