Thursday, January 30, 2014

Plans for spring

This spring and summer I will be trying something new. A friend and I ordered a batch of meat birds to raise/butcher together.  It will be both of our first time raising meat birds. We ordered 10 chicks, and as usual expect to loose one or two. She has a good brooder set up, and I have our old chicken tractor sitting unused to put the birds in when they get older.  We ordered "Red Rangers", aka "Freedom Rangers", and will be ready for butcher at about 9-11 weeks.  The arrive late March/early April, so mid summer our freezers will be full. It's so nice to have a friend help you get through new adventures together!

It got me to thinking though, I hate my old chicken tractor sitting unused the majority of them time. It seems like there got to be an animal I can use it to house. So Im going to be researching how feasible it is to use it for some other type of bird.

Also for spring, I'd like to build a few more raised beds. I built one last week, and will be keeping my eye out at the hardware store for discounted lumber.

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