Friday, October 10, 2014

Busy as bees!

Last weekend we harvested 23lbs honey off of our hives.  The initial hive is failing (high mite load and older queen). The split hive is looking strong going into winter. 

We've recently culled our older laying hens, our first 4 birds.  They were 3yo and not laying well. I can't justify feeding them all winter when they lay poorly. So were are down to 3 layers right now (Chicken Little, as well as the two White Leghorns).

Lastly, the biggest news of all. We purchased a house on 5 acres! We've been looking for a while, and finally found something. This will allow us to expand what animals we try keeping.  Instead of being an urban farm, we will be a true hobby farm. We are both very excited, and somewhat scared.  Maintaining a larger house in the wet PNW woods is somewhat of a scarey endeavor.  The front half of the land is clear pasture (and gardens), the back is wooded. 

We plan to take the winter to get settled in, fence in what we can of the property, and in the spring we'd like to start with a few weaner pigs in the back woods.  Then at some point, once we feel ready, we'd like to try a few Katahdin sheep.

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