Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bee Installs and Queen Releases

This week was buzzing with beekeeping stuff. Over the weekend installed bees in 2 hives (one on my property), and the yesterday released the queens from their cages.  Below is a pic of the install in our backyard. My husband says it looks like CSI.

Even the chickens were curious what was going one! This week will be more bee stuff (checking for eggs to see if the queen is getting down to business).

The ladies (hens) are doing well. The Wyondette keeps having spells where she quits laying, poofs up, and gets lethargic.  She's laid a couple of weird eggs (no shell, very thin shell), so I think it's an egg laying issue.  I'd like to cull her, but she is Chicken Little's only friend and her protector when the other hens pick on her. This week's most recent concern is flies. It's been warm and no rain, so flies are getting bad. I put out fly traps, and yesterday the hens knocked one over and ate the dead flies in it. Im worried about their health after doing so as I'm not sure whats in the bait, so all of todays eggs are going in the compost (just in case). Next week Im going to make my own fly traps.

In other new, I get my stitches out tomorrow (hopefully).  :)

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