Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beekeeping start and my injury - graphic pics

Beekeeping apprenticeship is going well.  Lots of hands on learning, which is exactly what I wanted.  I've done many hive inspections without a sting.  My host hive is set up in the backyard, and the bees will be put in this weekend, weather permitting.

Yesterday had to go to ER for an injury with the hedgetrimmers.  All my fingers are still there fortunately, but have several with stitches.  Luckily I was wearing leather gloves (that got shredded) but am sure saved me from further injury.  Below are pics, I put them at the bottom so those that don't want to see don't have to.  Scroll down if you'd like to see (somewhat graphic, not terrible though).

At hospital, before being cleaned out

At hospital before they cleaned it out

The next AM during bandage change

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  1. Poor girl! That sure does look painful. I seem to always find a way to hurt myself with knives.
    Hope that your fingers aren't too sore in the days to come!