Friday, June 29, 2012

Beekeeping skills & 1st stings

I had an evaluation this week with my beekeeping mentor, where she rated my skills thusfar during the apprenticeship. Overall, I did well.  I think she over-rated me on many things.

Yesterday, we checked 3 different hives that I am assigned (2 other locations, and the one in my backyard). I decided to try doing the hive inspections without using gloves, to increase my dexterity. My gloves tend to get in my way since they are too big for my hands. The first hive check went smoothly gloveless. The 2nd hive check, I must not have zipped up  my hood completely, because I ended up with 4 bees in my bonnet. After getting them out, we returned to the hive to finish the inspections, where I was stung on two of my fingers. 

We returned to my house to check the hive here. I anticipated it being full, and I was right! We had to add another box! I had gloves on for this hive check, and promptly DROPPED a frame that was full of bee. Yes, dropped.  Ugh.  No more stings, but I was very embarrassed.

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