Monday, December 17, 2012

Kitchen Pictures: Before and After

 Kitchen work began the first week of December.  Some things did not function, for example to open a utensil drawer, you first had to open the oven so the drawer would open fully. The counters were original gold swirl Formica.  The space the fridge was in, had been roughly cut with a jigsaw to fit the modern fridge into the space.  There were holes in the floor from where we moved the washer, dryer, and utility sink out of the kitchen. Also, the fridge was next to the stove.

In the new kitchen, the hardwood flooring will be continued from the living room (bye-bye laminate). Cabinets are custom built, white beadboard, with a Cambria stone counter (tan/brown, to reflect the warmth of the new floor). Also, there will be a stone and glass tile backsplash, with some accents.  I can't wait to post after pictures so you can see the new space!

The East wall

Close up of the sink

The  South wall leading to the living room and hallway

                                           Note the large burn mark in the old counter.

The West wall where the washer and utility sink were

 The North wall, where the fridge used to be

Some other pictures of details:


  1. Looks great !! I bet you are overjoyed to have your kitchen back !!

  2. After you rebuild it the way you want it, it will feel more like your house. Enjoy. Looks great.
    We will crush in one day for dinner