Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals for the year

I don't usually make 'goals' for myself as part of new years, but am feeling pressured to do so for some reason.

 I was reflecting on this past year and feel like we accomplished so much last year.  I learned how to (and did) to cull a hen, I complete a first year beekeeping apprenticeship,  and we built 2 garden beds.  Also I made friends and connections. 

This year I feel so limited. I can't get any new animals (other than ducks, hubby still isn't a fan of that idea).  I could do a batch of meat chickens.  I am going to do another year of beekeeping apprenticeship, and get my own hive (as well as the hives of my mentor to manage). I definetly need to continue making friends/connections here.  I'd also love to build a new chicken coop. 

I also feel like I need to develop my skill set more. Eventually, we'd like to move further into the country with more land.  Unfortunately, that means less people to learn from. So I need to learn other useful skills while we live closer to the city. 

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