Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Power of networking

After writing my last post, I decided I needed to get some hands-on experience with bees to help me decide if this is for me.  I've read books, but doing things is different than reading about them.  Especially when the risk is getting stung, and I'm unsure how I will feel after doing my first few hive checks. I am usually very afraid of all bugs in general.  Who knows, after doing it a time or two I may decide that this isn't for me. If that is going to happen, I'd weather find out sooner than later, and find out BEFORE I've spent a bunch of money on hives and supplies.

When I was looking for chickens, I posted on the local farm co-op website, and someone ended up giving me chicks.  So, I went on a local beekeeping forum, and posted that Im a beginner looking for some hands on experience.  I got a reply to my post, someone not to far away is willing to let me 'babysit' his hive for the winter and he will tutor me through it, then, come spring, we will split the hive in two (each taking 1/2). At that point I'll have to purchase/build my own hive and will have gotten an education.  So, if I discover this isn't for me, I'll be out about $100 for supplies (smoker, bee brush, beesuit, hive tool), which I can always resell on craigslist/ebay.  In my mind, this is way better than having a large hive up and running before discovering any aversions to beekeeping.

Next week it looks like I'll be heading to his place to meet him, and check out his set up.

Everything is going well here. We are in the process of starting work on our house for the first remodeling project (replacing all the old galvanized plumbing with PEX). Once this is done, we'll be able to start the main job (remodeling the 1950's kitchen). 

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