Thursday, November 3, 2011

Slaughter class

This Saturday I am going to a processing class. Someone with the farm co-op is offering to show fellow co-op members how to slaughter/butcher chickens in his backyard. For free!   I am excited to gain this new knowledge. People are invited to bring their chicken and supplies (sharp knifes, a cooler w/ice).  I am not bringing one of my girls since they are only 12 weeks, but am going to watch everyone else and learn how to do it when the time comes.  Or, for if something happens to one of my girls and she needs to be put down, then I'll be able to to it quickly and humanely. 

Hubby has declined to come with me.  He is freaked out by it for some reason. He claims he is attached to them already (altho he has only ever touched one once, and refuses to hold them).  After the class I'll post my reactions and thoughts about it. 

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