Saturday, November 5, 2011

Slaughter Class Follow-up

This morning was the slaughter class, about 20 people showed up with total of about 15 chickens. It was about what I expected, I am surprised that chickens have so little blood in their bodies.  The method used (slitting the jugular) was simple and quick, and the chickens didn't seem to suffer. This is the method I think I would use, however with the addition of the killing cone for the flapping reaction as the brain shuts down. It was quick and simple, I definitely left feeling like I could do it.  He showed the entire process, all the way through gutting.  I even got to pluck/singe someones chicken! 

The people there were interesting. Most had kept chickens for a while, some people were brand new (like myself), and some hadn't even got their chickens yet.  Some even had other livestock (rabbits) that they had experience processing. The people were very supportive of each other, for example, one woman did not want to actually kill her bird, so swapped with another woman who didn't want to do that part on her bird either.  Then they continued the process with their own birds after the bird had bled out.  

It was a very interesting experience, and wasn't as 'bloody' or 'gory' as you would think.  I wish hubby had come with me, I think he could have handled it and would have loved to share that experience with him.


  1. You are a brave girl. I'd have been fine with it if the bird were already dead. I don't think I have it in me to kill something. Being able to process your own chickens is really great skill to have for sure.
    I love your blog! It's great :)

  2. Thanks for reading Jessica - you are my first ever comment! :) Yay!

    I haven't actually slaughtered my own yet, just watched others at the class and assisted w/plucking. Everyone who eats store bought chicken 'kills' a chicken, they just pay someone else to do it. Usually in a very inhumane way. I feel like if Im going to eat meat, I ought to know firsthand what its like. Yes, I still buy store bought meat, but I try to buy from local farmers whose practices tend to be better than those of feedlots and slaughterhouses. Its a start...