Monday, January 9, 2012

2nd hen laying

The first hen to lay was the black colored 'Black Star' (I call her Blackie - I know, not very creative).  She laid every other day so far.  Today, Henrietta started laying as well (she is also a Black Star hatched the same day).  I knew Henrietta would start laying soon, as the pelvic gap was large (3 fingers) and her comb & wattle were getting very large and brightly colored.  Today, I caught Henrietta acting broody, then an hour later there was an egg w/a blood streak on it (indicating its likely the first egg to pass through the cloaca). Also, it was differently colored than the other eggs Blackie had been laying. (B's have been solid chocolatey brown, and H's had white spot on it). So I figured it was Henrietta's but was certain when  the other egg appeared a few hours later (Blackie's egg).  Today, they were both warm when I pulled them from the coop!

The Rhode Island's should start next week I am guessing. One of their comb/wattle is getting larger and brighter, but the other's is still small and pale colored.  Maybe 2 weeks for her? 

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