Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow and egg box update

This week was filled with eggs and snow.  The first day of the snow, they chickens were out forging in the yard as it snowed and didn't seem to mind at all.  It melted the next day, however the following night we got 5 inches.  With the ground/grass covered, the girls were reluctant to venture out into the snow. It seems that as long as there is dirt/grass for them to forage in, they don't mind the snow. So, for 2 days they were confined to the run below the chicken tractor.  As you can see from the pictures, I opened the door to let them out, however they chose not to come out.

They black colored Star, has been consistently laying in the egg boxes by herself. Henrietta is hit or miss if she'll lay in the box, or the bottom of the coop.  Neither Rhode Island Red has stated laying yet, despite one having a large comb/waddle.

In other news the in-laws visited, and, of course, we made them an egg breakfast!

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