Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recommended Reading & Integration Update

Recommended Reading
About 2 years ago was when we decided we wanted chickens. We lived in Suburbia at the time and couldn't have them.  It was then we decided to move so we could live they way we wanted to. I started my chicken education by reading MANY MANY books. I wanted to be full prepared.  By far, the best book that I cannot recommend enough, is Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens (3rd edition).
I started by borrowing and reading all the books my local library had, and eventually found Storey's to be the best. When it came time to purchase, it is the one book I purchased.  I refer to it all the time for guidance.  Recently, I refer to it almost daily.  While introducing the new girls, I read up on that section.  When I got the new girls, I re-read the section on wing clipping before doing it.  Today, I found two random eggs in the yard and re-read the section about candling and float testing (to see if they are too old to eat).  When my girls started laying, I referred to the size chart as I was curious if my eggs were Large, X-Large (by weight).

If you are thinking of getting chickens, or haven't had them in a long time, it is a recommended read.  It is available on Amazon for $12. I've also read the Storey's Guide to goats, and some of their other titles.

Integration Update
Each day, the little Easter Egger seems to be more and more a part of the flock. Her first few days she underwent some pretty intense pecking from the Rhode Island Reds.  Yesterday and today they free ranged all day together unsupervised, and the pecking has greatly diminished in intensity and frequency.  Sometimes they tolerate her very close to them while foraging, as a part of their flock, with no pecking. Other times, they'll give her a quick peck, or start towards her, and she'll run off. The Silver Laced Wyandotte will try to protect her as best as she can. The Silver Laced Wyandotte is fully part of the flock, and puts the other girls under her in the pecking order, so they don't ever attempt to bully her.

Last night, after everyone had roosted, I took the 2 new girls from their dog crate(serving as a temporary coop) and put them on the perch's w/the other girls in the main coop.  I plan on doing this for the next night or two. I'm curious to see where the new girls will go to roost on their own.

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