Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Egg count and sales

Now that all the girls are laying, I started keeping track of how many we get each day.  This week we got 18, which is way more than we can eat. So we sold our first dozen to hubby's coworker. There was a good reaction, and many people wanted to purchase the eggs!  Which has me thinking of adding to our little flock.

I really would like Australorps, due to their high egg production (5/week). However, I seem to have a hard time finding them online, at a good price, within a reasonable drive.  I did find someone selling 2 Barred Rocks close by for a good price, however the only lay 4/week.  But they are pretty birds, and I did want to try having that breed. Also, they are almost exactly the age of my girls. 

I'd also be interested in some Easter Eggers, they lay 4/week, but are Extra-Large Blue green eggs, but I haven't seen any for sale at a reasonable price nearby.

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