Wednesday, February 29, 2012


With the weather getting warm, we are making plans for 3 trips this summer. 

The one I am most excited about, is in August when we are renting a house (on 4 acres) in the San Juan Islands.  The San Juans are an island group accessible via ferry, almost in Canada.  There is an Orca Pod (the J pod) who reside there.  The islands are very quiet and undeveloped. The house we are renting is reasonably priced, 10 minutes from town (access to grocery stores, shopping, restaurants) and has a Jacuzzi. And we can bring the dogs.

The soonest trip, is in April when we visit the Northern part of the Olympic Peninsula. It happens to be during their wine & cheese festival (yum!).  The trip was a "groupon" type deal, includes 2 nights, and 2 activities (kayaking, biking, etc). 

The trip mid-summer is to La Push, which is on the central part of the Olympic Peninsula, right on the Pacific Ocean. We got a cabin right on the beach!  La Push also happens to be mentioned in the "Twilight" series, and is very close to Forks (the main setting of the books).  The biggest attraction to this location is the ocean, and of course Olympic National Park. 

For the 2 trips to the Olympic Peninsula, we are unable to bring the dogs.  Which means hiring a pet sitter for them, for the cats, and for the chickens. I get a little panicky thinking about leaving everyone.  What if something happens? Most pet sitters won't know how to dispatch a chicken if needed.  Oi. Thankfully, I farm sat for a friend in the co-op a few months back, so she owes me a few days of pet sitting, that will cover one of the trips.  I have to keep telling myself  "they are just chickens", which a chicken mentor told me when I first started. Really, they will be fine.

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