Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Injury and Demand

This past 2 weeks has been hell for the Wyondette. First, the Wyondette was ill, I isolated her, and she got better and was back w/the flock in a few days. Then, she broke a toenail.  She kept picking at it, and it kept bleeding and getting re-opened.  I cleaned it out, put antiseptic on it, and put a bandaid on it to stop it from getting picked at by her, and caked w/dirt. She could barely walk on it. The next day,  after some forced rest isolate in a cat carrier, she seemed much better.  Now she is back with the flock and seems fine. She hasn't started back up laying though.

Also, the demand for our eggs has increased.  We previously had more than we could supply, but now we have even more requests!  Today while at work, 3 people asked hubby for eggs, and last week people at my work asked for some.  A neighbor who bought some (as a one time thing) decided he really likes them and wants more.  Someone else on the neighborhood forum requested some.  It makes me want more chickens!

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