Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Quilt

I recently finished a baby quilt for my brother and sister in law, so wanted to post pictures of it. I think it is my favorite one that I have done so far. I love the neutral colors, and I finally figured out why my sewing machine kept giving me trouble before.

It is made of cotton (the main print) and flannel squares.  The edges are sewn, the snipped, then washed and dried many times to fray the edges, giving it the fuzziness.  Each time it is washed, the edges will fray more, and the flannel will get even softer. 

This is the front, before the seams are snipped

 The back, before the seams are snipped:
 After the seams are snipped on the front, but before it is washed:
 Finished front!

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  1. Looks nice! I haven't seen one quite like that before.