Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hoof trimming

One day we'd really like sheep (yes, leaning away from goats), but I know little about their day to day veterinary care. Which worries me.  Scares me actually.  I'm the type of person who likes to educate myself a lot before jumping into something.  Years before getting chickens, I read tons of books (some I reread multiple times) to study up on them so I'd be familar/comfortable when the time came. Yes, all that for chickens.  Which are really about as much work as a housecat.

The veterinary care scares me, because reading it is one thing, seeing it and doing it is something else altogether. And it's a mammal - way more complicated. So, in preparation for wanting sheep, I put up an ad on the local farm co-op, and found a local person with goats who needed assistance trimming her goats hooves.   I'd help her out with the chore, in exchange for learning how to do the task.  Last week was my first 'lesson'. I watched her do it, and have confidence to try it myself next time.  I am definitely feeling motivated to learn new skills!

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