Friday, October 7, 2011

birds & coop

This past week I got the yard cleaned up. Composter is in the ground and rodent proof. 

The guy who is building my coop expects it to be done next week, so this week I set about finding some laying hens. Ideally, I wanted pullets (juveniles 10-20 weeks old about to start laying).  I'd prefer them closer to 20 weeks, when they start laying.  So I looked on craigslist, and posted on a local forum asking around if anyone knew of anyone selling some.

A lady on the forum emailed me and said she'd give me some FOR FREE!  They are 10 weeks old (younger than I had wanted) but are Rhode Island Reds and Black Stars. Both breeds are good layers, docile, and hearty breeds.  Being that I already spent a lot of money on the coop instead of building it myself, Im feeling guilty for all the $ Im spending on the chickens since Im not working right now.  So I emailed her and told her I'd take 2 of each (after I got over being freaked out that a total stranger would GIVE me birds for free).   Yay!!!!  So I tentatively have some girls arranged!

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