Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ladies Arrived

All 4 girls

 Last night Gail brought over my ladies. It was almost dark, so they'd be ready to roost for the evening.  We clipped their flight feathers, as she thought since are still young and light enough to try for our 6ft fence.  Next molt when their new feathers come in they'll be too heavy to even try for the fence.

The farm co-op warehouse didn't have wateres, just nipples to make do it yourself waterers.  I don't think they've figured out how to drink from the nipples yet, so I put a dish of water out for them. I went to Hayes feed store on my back from the doctors and they were out of regular waterers. Ick. Ill have to go back Friday when they have more in stock.

Oddly, Charlie was more interested in the ladies than Chloe. I thought it'd be her, since she has a high prey drive when it comes to small animals, but she is fine.  Charlie now is fine off leash in the yard when they are in their tractor (its fully enclosed). 

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