Monday, October 17, 2011

Coop stress

Yesterday we took both cars to pick up the coop. I thought the coop can go in one car, the run in the other.  The run itself is 8ft long w/1ft handles on each end.  That wasn't going to happen.  So, we had to go to Uhaul and get a pickup truck.  After a tedious drive home, we got the coop in the back yard, and returned the truck before they closed at 5pm. Whew!

I am slightly disappointed w/certain aspects of the coop, that seem to make no sense to me.  For example, the wire on the run isn't even chicken wire. The holes are 1inx4inches!  Totally useless!  And the whole floor drops out to be a ramp into the run. Stupid for 2 reasons - 1) it blocks the yard access door when the floor is down 2)  what if some chickens want to be in the coop while others are in the run?!  Needless to say there need to be some alterations on it, that I think we can handle.

The problem is I started putting up galvanized 1/2inch wire last night on the run (in the dark, with a headlamp on), but I needed help to hold it down and staple it on.  So Im freaking out and in tears, b/c chicks arrive Monday and hubby will be at work all day Monday. I at least want to get that up before the ladies arrive Monday - we can alter the floor later in the week. So here it is, Monday morning, and Im stressed out. 

I figured out how to post pictures today, so that will add some variety to my posts.

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