Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting into the routine

I am getting into the chicken routine.  They really don't require that much time/effort after the initial set up. I finally fixed the floor of the coop yesterday, and cleaned it out. It was difficult b/c I had to put them in a temporary pen so I could get in there and fix it.  Anyhow, now our routine is about 15 minutes in the morning of care (put out fresh feed/water, open up the coop to the run).  In the evenings the girls go to roost all by themselves at 6:20 (it gets dark about 6:40).  We find it cute/funny, that they go up to the roost and get  settled in all by themselves.  Our evening routine is that we empty the run, close up the run access, move the coop (it takes 2 people), and pick up the food for the evening. All in all, in the evenings it runs about 15 minutes as well.  I, of course, spend more time outside w/them during the day, watching them or giving them treats or kitchen scraps.  Today I took this video of the dogs/chickens, after I gave the chickens some milk as a treat. They loved it!

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