Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Up and Running

I am excited to have the blog up and running to document the progress on everything.  My main reason for blogging is that I wanted to 'diary' the progress on the house/property, but didn't like the idea of an old school hand-written diary.  I also wanted a forum to share details with my close friends and family who are interested in the more minute details of our urban farming ordeal.

Last week we moved into the house. 1950's goodness - the kitchen is all original and needs to be remodeled (more details on that in a later post).   We've now been in the house for 6 days, and are mostly unpacked.  Being that hubby works and I have not sought employment yet, I've been able to get a good bit done around the house.  The most notable projects were replacing the fence (hired contractor for), moving a failed compost pile, laying some brickwork, and clearing out the yard of debris.  Hubby installed wonderful rain barrels over the weekend, and they are already almost full!

I also ordered the chicken coop yesterday. I had originally wanted to build one myself, however, I have so much other stuff to do around the house I feel like I'd never get around to doing it. 

My vision for our property is: living as simply and as sustainably as possible while growing as much of our own food as possible.

Today:  yardwork out front, digging holes for the composters.

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